Different Species of Snakes kept as Pets

Almost 2,800 different species of snakes have been discovered in the world. But only few can be kept as pets.
Most commenly kept snakes are in the families of Boaidea, Pythonidae and Colubridae...


 * Red Tail Boa:

Red tailed Boa constrictor is regularly
seen in pet trade. It eats large rats or rabbits and can live for 30 years and grow up to 10 feet long.

* Kenyan Sand Boa:

They are unique burrowing snakes that grow upto 1 and a half feet long. They are beautifully colored with yellow and brown patterns.


 *Ball Python:

They are most popular pet snakes. Grow to be about 3-5 feet in length but can live for several decades.

* Burmese Python:

They are large snakes but still regularly seen as pets. Grow to be 15-20 feet long.

* Green Tree Python:

 These are arboreal snakes. They like to curl up in an elegant clump and hang onto a little tree climb. Their max length is about 7 feet.

* Blood Python:

Blood python is a stocky snake with lovely brick red patches commenly found in their patterns. Having short tail and grow to be about 8 feel long.


* King Snake:

Closely related to the milk snake. King snakes grow to be about 6-7 feet in length making them a smaller pet snake. They readily feed on other snakes, hence the name king snakes. They are natives of North and South America.

* Black Rat Snake:

Plain looking snakes, able to swim and climb trees, thus they are active snakes.

* Corn Snake:

A species of rat snake, corn snake is a popular beginners snake due to its small size but also a well loved snake to the experienced keepers because of varing color patterns. They grow to be about 5 feet. They aren't known to be biters and are pretty docile snakes.




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