Best Natural Sources for VItamins

Vitamin A:
                Milk, butter, cheese, eggs, chicken, fish oils.

 Vitamin B complex
                Our body requires B1,B2, Nicotinic acid in small quantities. So we
should concentrate
                on B6,B12 & folic

                B12 sources:
                Mostly non vegetarian foods like egg, chicken, meat,fish.
                Vegetarian food is only milk,which contains B12.

                The British Vegan Society recommends foods fortified with vitamin
B12, such as:
                breakfast cereals
                yeast extract
                soya powder and milk
                soya mince or chunks.

                B6 sources:
                These are similar to B12 ones & is present in vegetarian diet such
as vegetables,brown rice,dates,apricots,pulses.

                Folic acid sources:
                Liver contains the best amount of folic acid. White rice, oranges,
tomato,pasta also contains good amount of Folic acid.

Vitamin C sources:
                Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, guava, red sweet pepper, kiwi
                Strawberries & Brussels sprout

Vitamin D sources:
                Egg yolks, seafood oil, beef liver, and wild-caught oily seafood
will be primary  choices for Vitamin D.
                Milk is one of the best source for Vitamin D.
                Sun rays are said to produce vitamin D but info from recent research
is due to pollution & temperature, the vitamin produced is not
sufficient for the body.

                Vitamin E sources:
                Fortified cereals, almonds, vegetable oils, tomatoes, peanut butter, avocado

                Vitamin K sources:
                Spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, wheat bran, organ meats, cereals, eggs.

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