Awesome 3D Pavement art by Joe Hill

Joe hill is a world famous artist known for his stunning, beautiful and amazing 3D paintings based
on illusions.

Joe has created 3D pavement art in the different cities of the world along with his friend late Max Lowry.

He holds the world record for creating world's longest and biggest 3D painting. He performed it back in November 2011 and was included in Guinness book of world records.

He is such a fine artist that one can hardly sort out which part is real and which is illusion in his 3D pavements creations.

Most of them have been created within a single day. He is a true genius and a gifted personality.

Enjoy some of his masterpieces here!

According to him, "Physically he can't jump to the moon. But it is possible through his art.
When asked about his job, he proudly says: Ï have got the luckiest job in the world; i.e. "To make people smile."

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