The only country in the world that can lock its own gate at night.

Vatican City: The only country in the world that can lock its own gate at night.As we all know, Vatican City is the smallest (independent as well) country of the world occupying an area of 44 hectares i.e. 110 acres.
Their population is 911(estimated).

They own their own telephone service since 1948, Radio and T.V. stations. Vatican radio station broadcasts all over the world in 29 languages. Specola Vaticana, the Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world. They have their own banking system and currency called 'Vatican Lira'.


    The Vatican post office has operated its own postal service and issued its own postage stamps since 1929.They are famous for their high-speed delivery of mails than Italian mail service.

    The historical Swiss Guards are a small force responsible for the security of the Vatican city with various task including guarding the entrances to the Vatican as well as ensuring the personal safety of the Pope.


    Vatican city is known as the 'mecca' of Christians, here the sun rises and sets past the dome of St.Peter's Basilica designed by the great Michelangelo. Inside the Vatican city we can find 11 Vatican Museums with the restored Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel , and Vatican Gardens , an enchanted place, a system of large and small gardens, fountain, fish pool and enclosure for rabbits.


     It is believed that it would take you at least four years to complete the circuit even of you spend merely one minute only admiring each painting. In 1984 UNESCO declared Vatican City a world heritage site .