Dangerous Effects of Tobacco

    It is the most common exogenous cause of human cancers, being
responsible for 90% of lung cancers.

    The main culprit is cigarette smoking, but smokeless tobacco (snuff,
chewing tobacco, etc) is also harmful to health & an important cause
of oral

    Passive tobacco inhalation (second hand smoking) can cause lung
cancers in non smokers.

    Cigarette smoking causes world wide , more than 5 million deaths
annually,mostly from cardiovascular disease, various types of cancers,
and chronic respiratory problems,that result in a total of more than
35 million years of life loss.

    China consumes 30% tobacco produced & the next place is occupied by
India with 10%.

    Nicotine an alkaloid present in tobacco leaves is not a direct cause
of tobacco related disease, but is addictive. With out it,it would be
east for smokers to stop the habit.

    Diseases caused by smoking:

1. Emphysema
2. Chronic obstructive lung disease
3. Lung cancer
4. Myocardial infarction (MI) (Heart attack)
5.Cancers of mouth,pharynx,esophagus, pancreas, kidney,stomach.

    Smoking doesn't spare any organ in the body, it affects almost all
organs in the body.

    Cessation of smoking greatly reduces with in 5 years, the overall
mortality and the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases.

    Maternal smoking (pregnant mother who smokes)  increases the risk of
spontaneous abortion, reduced body weight of the baby, death of baby.

    There are many carcinogens in tobacco which lead to different types of
cancers mentioned above.

How to check the risk in nonsmokers:

    COTININE, a metabolite of nicotine is measured in blood which gives
the risk of cancer in non smokers.

How to stop smoking:

    Now-a-days, you might have seen advertisement about nicorette, you can
use such ones or nicotine patches will be available in the market you
can use them to stop smoking.
Reduce your daily intake of cigarettes & finally stop them.
Do regular yoga & meditation to keep your brain free from thoughts of smoking.

    It's all upto you whether to get cancer or quit smoking & have a
beautiful life with your family.




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