Amazing Water drop lens

Bruno Berge ,Physicist and inventor, has created a liquid optical lens via Using a process,which is known as electro-wetting. The phenomenon of electro-wetting is a water drop is deposited on a metal
substrate and covered by a thin insulating layer. When a voltage is applied
to the metal, it modifies the angle of the liquid drop.

The liquid lens is comprised of two liquids, water and oil, one is a
conductor while the other is an insulator. A variation in the voltage
causes a change to the curvature of the liquid to liquid interface,
which changes the focal length of the lens.

The use of liquids allows for low cost construction. There are no
moving parts and electrical consumption is extremely low. The lens has
a large inverse focal length range, quick response, high optical
quality and can operate in a wide temperature range.

It can bend, stretch and wrinkle just like real skin and contains
advanced circuit components (transistors, diodes, and semiconductors)
that can monitor functions in your body, such as heart rate, brain
waves, neuro-muscular activity and wound healing.

Powered by solar cells, the data collected can be transmitted wireless
to a remote computer for analysis.
Scientists believe that this medical invention could be used to
monitor more subtle processes, such as the movement of enzymes,
antibodies, or pathogens.
The med-tech tattoo was developed by collaborating scientists from
universities in the United States, China and Singapore.
Funding for this invention was provided by the Air Force Research
Laboratory, the US Department of Energy, the National Science
Foundation, the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology,
the University of Illinois, and the Defense Department National
Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship.




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